Eminem New Album Track List

The track list of Eminem’s new album which has been rumored to be named “Redemption”or “NiNe” has been allegedly leaked. We at Eminem Lounge do not believe there is too much credible evidence behind the rumored album name but here is the supposed track list:

1) No Regrets (Prod. Eminem)
2) White Night (Prod. Eminem)
3) Heavenly Gates (Prod. Dr.Dre/Eminem)
4) Never Gave a F*** (Prod. Eminem)
5) Detroit Style (Prod. Eminem)
6) At Full Caliber (Prod. Eminem)
7) Final Warning (Prod. Eminem)
8) Lunatic Circus Feat. Slaughterhouse (Prod. Dr.Dre)
9) I’m Still Here (Prod. Dr.Dre)
10) Mr.Doctor (Prod. Dr.Dre)
11) Broken Toys (Prod. Dr.Dre)
12) Interlude(skit)
13) Enough is Enough Feat. 50 Cent (Prod. Dr.Dre)
14) The Task Force Feat. Yelawolf (Prod. Dr.Dre/Scott Storch)
15) Pina Colada (Prod. Scott Storch/ Dr.Dre)
16) Saturday Night (Prod. Dr.Dre/ Eminem)
17) Farewell Feat. Drake (Prod. Dr.Dre/Boi-1da)
18) End of an Era Feat. Jamie Commons (Prod. Boi-1da/Dr.Dre)
19) Black Magic Feat. 50 Cent (Prod. Scott Storch)

As always, we will keep you posted.

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  • mohammad Posted July 30, 2013 at 12:38 PM

    very very tanx….

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