Eminem’s Tattoos

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Eminem’s tattoo of daughter Haillie Jade on his right shoulder and arm. Written underneath it says “Bonnie & Clyde” with roses.

eminem's haillie tattoo














Eminem’s tattoo for his late best friend and fellow rapper, Proof of D12.


Eminem’s R.I.P. tattoo for his uncle and best friend Ronnie on his left arm












Eminem’s tribal tattoo on his left wrist


Eminem’s D12 tattoo. The “D’ on his right arm and the number 12 on his left arm represent his band Dirty Dozen and Detroit.


Eminem’s “Rot in Pieces” tattoo on the center of his stomach. This tattoo represents the pain and anger he had gone through with ex-wife Kim. The image is of an open graven with a tombstone reading Kim. Below the tombstone, it says “Rot In Pieces.”

Eminem Rot In Pieces Tattoo


Who is Eminem’s tattoo artist? Eminem has used many artists but we know of one infamous artist who is known for inking some of Hollywood’s most notorious celebrities.  He goes by the name of Mister Cartoon.