Eminem Facts

01. Eminem is in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the fastest selling hip-hop artist.

02. Artists looking to be signed to Eminem’s label Shady Records must compete against him in a rap battle.

03. During the shooting of 8 Mile, Em would write lyrics for the soundtrack during breaks. When shooting resumes crew members will have to pull the notepad from him in order to catch his attention and make him stop writing.

04. Eminem was bullied as a kid because he was small and was often mistaken as retarded. He would hum melodies to himself not knowing it was loud enough to be heard by everybody. (He still does today. He also said that he is always writing and that he cant stop writing because ideas keep flowin’ in.)

05. Eminem is of Scottish and Welsh decent.

06. Eminem has been falsely reported dead by a car crash 4 times and a drug overdose once.

07. Eminem is the oldest member of D12 (b. 1972). Kon Artis is the youngest (b. 1978).

08. He is a Spiderman fan.

09. Eminem is a Baptist (just like his mom and the rest of her family). He’s not religious though. Kim’s the one who is Catholic. She’s also not religious.

10. Eminem wears glasses because he’s near-sighted.

11.  Eminem is a gadget freak.

12.  Eminem’s favorite porn star is Janet Jacme.

13.  Kim and Em’s term of endearment is “Stinky”.

14.  Despite what was written before, Em did not attempt suicide. He took pills to fight his depression and accidentally OD’d. He was happy to wake up the next day.

15.  The platinum bracelet and ring he usually wears both have “DAD” inscribed on them. Both are from Hailie.

16. Despite his chosen profession, Em is still a very quiet individual (much like his character Rabbit) which either surprises or annoys the shit out of people.

17.  Em used to have a problem with people staring at him.

18. Em thinks Robin Williams is brilliant and vice versa.

19. Em’s all-time favorite movie is The Matrix.

20. Em thought Luis Resto was Michael Bolton when he first met him

21.  Em had a crush on Madonna when he was 11.

22.  The first concert he ever went to is Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane and Queen Latifah in Detroit.

23.  Em cuts his own hair.

24.  Eminem’s favorite dance song is Busta Rhymes’s “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See”.

25.  Eminem and Dr. Dre’s first choice for Stan is Macaulay Culkin. Macaulay was doing a play. Dre picked Devon Sawa because he thought he looked like Em (Em made a video where he’s the one portraying Stan, and Devon made a similar video. Dre almost could not tell them apart.).

26. Lose Yourself may have topped the poll on songs that spurs ball players to victory but it also topped the poll on songs most likely to lead to car crashes.

27.  Elton John has dedicated his song Rocket Man to Em.

28. Eminem’s high-profile movie debut should’ve been ‘Training Day’ with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. He was to play Denzel’s drug dealer friend. 8 Mile came along so we all know how that ended. The other movie that he also considered was ‘Lazarus’ with DMX which is a part of ‘The Crow’ series in which he was also supposed to play the villain.

29. Shannon Elizabeth was Em’s first choice to be the girl in ‘Superman’.

30. Neil Tennant (Petshop Boys) has a crush on Em and wishes that the events in their song “The night I fell in love” would happen to him.

31.  Eminem and Hailie has a cat named Tigger.

32.  For his 8 Mile role, Em dropped from 168 lbs (12 stone or 76.21kg) to 145 lbs (10.35 stone or 65.8kg).

33.  Em wears size XXL clothes.

34.  Marshall Jr. and Debbie were in a band called Daddy Warbucks. They played @ Ramada Inns along the Dakota-Montana border.

35.  Eminem prefers Fords. His friends say that he doesn’t like to drive though.

36. Eminem does not smoke.

37.  Eminem has been rumored to be ghostwriting for LL (for his response to Canibus’s diss), Dre (all songs in Chronic 2001. and also the songs in the upcoming Detox), and 50 Cent (50 has admitted that Em made some changes to some of his lyrics to make the song flow better).

38. Kim once worked at the Oasis Executive Spa, a massage parlor that was allegedly engaged in prostitution. Em was the last to know that Kim worked there. Em found Kim’s job too much to bear and was one of the reasons for one of their biggest blow-ups.

39. Eminem has adopted Dawn’s (Kim’s twin) daughter, Alaina.

40. When Eminem first met doctor Dre he was wearing a yellow tracksuit and was described by Dre as looking like a banana. Despite the Tweetie bird tracksuit Eminem and Dre began a collaborative effort that lead to platinum albums for Em and a revitalized career for Dr. Dre.

41.  Gary Kozlowski was the guy who was with Em when he went spying on Kim at the Hot Rocks Bar. He was charged because he tried to hide Em’s gun when Em dropped it. Em and Gary became friends when they were in their teens. Gary appears on TES’s “The Kiss” skit.

42.  Dre made Eminem change (in ‘Love Me’) the line “I’m the equivalent of what will happen if Suge rapped” to “I’m the equivalent of what will happen if Bush rapped.”

43.  Eminem other celebrity neighbor in his new Oakland hood is Aretha Franklin.

44.  Eminem received $3 Million for his 8 Mile role.

45.  The other members of D12 thought that Proof will be the one to blow up first amongst their group and that they never thought in a million years that Em will be the one since Em’s quiet and shy.

46. Eminem has a double. His name is Joe Pace aka ‘Partial Mathers’ and he’s 19 years old. He has toured with Em at the Anger Management Tour and was a part of the ‘vanishing’ act. He’s also performed with Em at the 2002 MTV Movie awards wearing the ‘Rap Boy’ costume. He also works as a decoy and does camera-blocking sessions for Em’s videos.

47.  Luis Resto calls Em’s style of production as ‘Classical Hip-Hop’ because of Em’s penchant for using live instruments and minimal sampling.

48. Most people do a lead track and another ad-lib track to fill in words but Em’s totally unique because he layers each song. He does his main vocals then right under it he makes an angry track (same as the main vocals but angry), a yelling track and sometimes a soft, whispering track.

49. Universal and Interscope have originally agreed for Em to use ‘Cleanin out my Closet’ as the theme for 8 Mile that’s why it was used in the 1st trailer. But Em thought that, ‘it was too personal to use for the movie.’ The studios were upset and thought that COMC was the greatest song they’ve heard and thought that Em can’t make a better one. Then Em made ‘Lose Yourself’.

50. Eminem did all the three verses of Lose Yourself in one take.

51.  “Hailie’s Song” was supposed to contain an interpolation from George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” but George’s widow retracted George’s permission. Em had to redo the whole song.

52.  It was Dr. Dre who convinced Em to include Hailie’s Song on TES. Dre played the song to two of his female friends and when they cried he was convinced that it should be included on Em’s new album. Em had originally planned on just keeping the track in a safe for Hailie to listen to when she grows up. He was embarrassed to have it released at first.

53.  Eminem called on Craig G (of the original Juice Crew) to co-write with him all the rhymes that was recited on 8 Mile.

54.  Eminem’s childhood nickname was Mickey, as in Mickey Mouse, because of his big ears.

55.  Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine were backstage at the Oscars when Em won. They were there for their boy even if Em wasn’t there.

56. Eminem’s favorite drink is Mountain Dew.

57.  It had been Eminem’s dream since he was 16 to sample Aerosmith’s Dream On, his dream came true on the track Sing for the moment.

58. The song playing in the background of the skit The Kiss (The Eminem Show) is actually called Everyone’s Looking At Me. The track was originally meant to be featured on The Wash soundtrack, but didn’t make the cut.

59. Hailie came up with the hook to My Dad’s Gone Crazy. While Eminem was mixing Soldier, Hailie was there playing and said “Somebody please help me”.

60. Some of Eminem’s favorite movies are How High?, Orange County, and The Matrix.

61. Eminem’s 99 purple Mustang 2 was sold online for $27,900.

62. Eminem wears size 10 shoes.

63. To record ’97 Bonnie and Clyde Em told Kim he was taking Hailie to Chuck E. Cheese.

64. The shady one attends public community meetings and even lets kids in the neighborhood play basketball at his house.

65. Eminem’s tattoo artist is Mr. Cartoon, he’s located in California.

66. Eminem used to read the dictionary to expand his rhyming vocabulary.

67. Eminem originally wanted to become a comic-book artist.

68. Kim has a twin sister named Dawn

69. Eminem gave his manager Paul Rosenberg one of the Grammys that he won in 2000

70. The cast Eminem is wearing in Fight Music is due to an injury Em’s sustained whilst trying to fix his house.

71.  The guy dressed as a cactus that in Purple Hills video is also in the beginning of the Without Me video clip.

72.  Eminem’s height is 5 foot 8 inches

73.  Big Sean came second in a rap battle that would have won him a spot on Shady Records

74.  Eminem was born in Missouri before moving to Detroit where he would develop his rap career.

75.  Eminem has been falsely reported dead at least five times, once by drug overdose and four times his untimely and thankfully false death was due to non existent car accidents.

76. Eminem’s favorite movie is the Matrix

77.  For his role in eight mile Eminem dropped 23 pounds. Going from 168 to 145.

78. Eminem wears his glasses because he is near sighted

79. Eminem aspired to be a comic book artist before he found his calling as a rapper. He boasts a collection that is described as staggering.

80. Eminem is a huge fan of Spiderman and often drew him while working toward being a comic book artist. Check out his drawings here.

81. In the video for “My Name Is” Eminem was not supposed to be hit with the newspaper in the beginning as well as he was not meant to fall out of his chai but the director decided to add the shots into the music video.

82. Eminem failed the ninth grade three times before he dropped out of high school; mostly due to his truancy but also very much due to his drive to make it in the music industry.

83. When Eminem dropped out of high school he already had a job and was signed to a record label.

84. Eminem is not a fan of former president George Bush. The lyrics to the song “Mosh” as well as other interviews and statements point to a political leaning in Eminem.

85. While in the studio Eminem and Dr. Dre routinely occupied themselves by causing controversy. In Dr. Dre’s words “When me and Eminem are in the studio, all we’re thinking about is, who can we piss off next?” That mentality has led to public beefs with Christina Aguilera, Pamela Anderson, Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey, Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs and more recently Miley Cyrus.